Global Advisory Team

Storyforth: Why a Global Advisory Team?

Once we are at the story level, we can encourage a deeper understanding across cultures. Our team of advisors helps attune our sensitivity to the nuances of local traditions.
Jeanette Luise Eberhardy, United States
Jane Horan, Singapore

Global Advisory Team

Faith Adiele, United States
International author, teacher, and speaker, Adiele uses personal narrative to empower individuals and communities confronting social forces and forgotten histories. Adiele explores the connection between the personal and the the sociopolitical in My Journey Home, a PBS documentary, and Coming of Age around the World, a multicultural anthology. In Adiele’s award winning memoir, Meeting Faith, she shows one path for the essential integration of the spiritual, political, and artistic selves.

Reinaldo Pamponet Filho, Brazil
Brazilian social entrepreneur Reinaldo Pamponet Filho is the co-founder of, a digital creative community that is changing the face of education and work for youth. A 2009 Ashoka Fellow and a recognized change maker, Filho and his team are developing tools in technology to encourage creative collaboration for today’s challenges—moving beyond what current social media offers.

Janice McDonald, Canada
McDonald is an award-winning entrepreneur for iStyle, and now Recognized as one of Canada’s 100 most powerful women in 2013, she is a sought after speaker on leadership. Through the vehicle of entrepreneurship, McDonald mentors others in how to interact with the world in bold ways for meaningful work.

Edmundo Norte, United States
Norte is the Dean of Intercultural and International Studies, De Anza College, California, and co-editor of Leading for Diversity. A national consultant on diversity, equity, and transformative leadership, Norte balances critical consciousness with compassionate interpersonal connection.


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Storyforth Founder:
Jeanette Luise Eberhardy
is a writer, teacher, and storyteller. In October, at the 16th global W.I.N. conference in Prague, Eberhardy gave the closing address to 1,000 women leaders: “Authentic stories are essential for building stronger connections in work and life.” Eberhardy draws out the unique creative strengths in a wide range of individuals and empowers them to act. She works in settings as diverse as healthcare companies to a top-ranking US college for artists. Eberhardy holds a PhD in Educational Psychology and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing.

Eberhardy is writing the book Creating Meaningful Work  focusing on the practices of global activists, entrepreneurs and artists— in Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, Norway, France, and the US—who are integrating education, work, and life in meaningful ways.

Jeanette Eberhardy can be reached at:

Storyforth Partners:
Jane Horan  is an author, speaker, expert in cross cultural leadership, and founder of The Horan Group, a consulting practice focused on building inclusive organizations. Horan’s most recent book, How Asian Women Lead, explores the many faces that talent and leadership portray in our current working environments. Using stories, Horan explores the complexities of life and leadership experiences of four women in Asia, each immersed in the intricacies of culture. Educated in the US, with studies in China and Hong Kong, and an Educational Doctorate from Bristol University, Horan now lives in Singapore.

Jane Horan can be reached at: