Storyforth Offerings

Storyforth: We work with people like you—leaders from all backgrounds and cultures—who want to bring forward stories for collaborative work.

Purposeful Work: Stories are where things begin.

Part One
Advance purposeful work with your story:
Three practical steps for effective storytelling.

Stories invigorate the knowledge we need for effective work practices. For example, stories can close the gap between women and men with experience and those who want to learn from them.

Part Two
Diversify your conversations:
In-depth training on new story development.

Produce stories with themes that matter: overcoming obstacles, building more inclusive environments, and uncovering invisible barriers to new work.

Part Three
Develop your internal workforce dynamics:
A portfolio of stories designed for your setting.

Stories are an important tool for collaboration. When authentic experience is shared, we listen in a deeper way.

Please contact us to learn more about our unique follow-up work, including live storytelling sessions, individual coaching, and “Storyblasts.”

Based on our extensive experience and years of education, we show you how to find extraordinary opportunities in your everyday experience. We look forward to meeting you.

Jeanette Eberhardy,
Jane Horan,

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Jeanette Luise Eberhardy is a writer, teacher, and storyteller. In October, at the 16th global W.I.N. conference in Prague, Eberhardy gave the closing address to 1,000 women leaders: “Authentic stories are essential for building stronger connections in work and life.” Eberhardy draws out the unique creative strengths in a wide range of individuals and empowers them to act. She works in settings as diverse as healthcare companies to a top-ranking US college for artists. Eberhardy holds a PhD in Educational Psychology and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing.

Eberhardy is writing the book Creating Meaningful Work  focusing on the practices of global activists, entrepreneurs and artists— in Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, Norway, France, and the US—who are integrating education, work, and life in meaningful ways.

Jeanette Eberhardy can be reached at:

Jane Horan  is an author, speaker, expert in cross cultural leadership, and founder of The Horan Group, a consulting practice focused on building inclusive organizations. Horan’s most recent book, How Asian Women Lead, explores the many faces that talent and leadership portray in our current working environments. Using stories, Horan explores the complexities of life and leadership experiences of four women in Asia, each immersed in the intricacies of culture. Educated in the US, with studies in China and Hong Kong, and an Educational Doctorate from Bristol University, Horan now lives in Singapore.

Jane Horan can be reached at:

Eberhardy and Horan met at the 15th global WIN conference in Rome and started a conversation on storytelling skills for today’s emerging leaders. Now they are working together to create Storyforth: Where can it lead you?